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Sunday 09th to Thursday 13th 2018 September 262 km in 5 Stages

Race director and directly contact: Ingo Schulze, Hauptstraße 52, D-72160 Horb am Neckar, Tel: 0049 (0) 7451 / 4615

Email: ultralauf@ischulze.de                Internet: www.ischulze.de    or   www.schwarzwaldlauf.de
Mutually agreed of jurisdiction is Horb am Neckar in Germany

Paragraph 1                                                         Organization
The „Schwarzwaldlauf“ is an international running competition. The organization holds the right to reject any applicant without any reason given if they are of the opinion that the applicant is not in the condition for the event.

Paragraph 2                                          Explanation of the event
The „Schwarzwaldlauf“ is a run with 5 daily stages. The entire course is about 220 km long. The start is on September 09th 2018 in Horb am Neckar.  End is on September 13th 2018 in Horb am Neckar (it’s a round course). The daily stages are on average about 52 km long.
Food & lodging for participants and volunteers will be provided by the race organizer and is included in the start fee. It is up to each volunteer if he/she wishes to accept in the provided food and lodging. If he/she does not accept, no reduced cost or reimbursement can be given due to organizational reasons.

Paragraph 3                           Participation / Exclusion of Liability
The „Schwarzwaldlauf“ will follow the established race guidelines. Every participant will need to follow these guidelines and accept them through his/her application. Volunteers are obliged to read & understand these guidelines. The organization will always cite these guidelines as rule of operation and only the organization can alter them, as it deems necessary. They need to be accepted by all, see paragraph 7.
By the participation of „Schwarzwaldlauf“ all participants accept that the organizer and the staff are free of all claims or any damages (see paragraph 21). The above also includes any lost or damaged items or monies.
With acceptance of the start/race number all participants understand that the organizer strongly recommends and encourages each runner to undergo a medical examination, clearing him/her to be fit to participate in the „Schwarzwaldlauf“  and that there are no medical considerations keeping the runner from participation in this event. All participants state that they have trained sufficiently for this event and that they have no medical considerations, preventing them from participating, documented so by a physician. The organizer will not check the above.
All participants further agree that all photos on film or digital, videos and or all media interviews can be used for the purpose of radio, television, advertising, books, articles and any other use and that they can be used without monetary or any other compensation. All your personal date will be electronically saved.  In the event of a none-start due to no vacation, illness or cancellation of the event due to a higher power, there will be no reimbursement of any part of the starting fee. See special paragraph 47.

Paragraph 4                                          Application / Participation regulations
Accepted will be all a off either sex of all nationalities who meet all regulations set forth in this entire document.  At any time the organization has the right to withdraw the starting permission or pull any runner from the race if it deems necessary for medical reasons. In addition all runners must proof that they had a certain amount of training in the areas of Ultra Running. The organization decides in the shortest possible time if an applicant qualifies after receiving his/her application and lets the applicant know of the result.
Together with the application an amount of 150 € has to be send (info available further down in the document). With the sending of said amount the applicant will be accepted into the applicant list. A refund will be given after cancellation or withdrawal of the application by the applicant or for special reasons by the organizer. Together WITH the application please send ONE passport picture, which if needed can be returned after the race.

Paragraph 5                          Arrangement of classes within the field
Men & women will be kept record of separately. There will be no age groups.

Paragraph 6                                          Competition Program
September 08th 2018 Arrival of all the runners. Accommodation is in a school/gymnasium etc. near the start of the Race. Transport to and from the start/finish will be the responsibility of each individual. The organization will be responsible for meals and lodging on the evening/night before the start. Any other meals/beverages are the responsibility of each individual. 

     IMPORTANT:  The arrival of all participants should be at least 24 hours before the start, due to reasons listed below.

  • Registration & issuance of start documents
  • Getting to your accommodation
  • Event and organization briefing
  • Meet the press
  • Other possibly needed controls

     September 09th 2018      At 9:00 AM start for ALL participants
     September 13th 2018      Arrival at the finish. All participants have the opportunity to spend the night from 13st to September 14nd 2018 near the finish sight at a group accommodation. There will be no cost for the runners unless they opt for private lodging. With the arrival at the finish, one night lodging and breakfast next morning the obligation of the organizers have finished. It is advised that all runners and coaches make prior arrangements for the return journey home. The organization is not responsible for this.

Paragraph 7                          Changes of the Competition Regulations

  • The organizer reserves the right to make the following changes:
  • Any necessary route changes as per paragraph 24.
  • Change of the daily starting time or location according to paragraph 9 pending unforeseen circumstances.
  • Type of accommodations, paragraph 15.
  • Change of distance between aid stations & control points, paragraph 11 & 14.
  • Change, paragraph 29 markings & other miscellaneous offerings of the organizer
  • Character of the event, paragraph 3.
  • Change of time requirements, paragraph 10.

Paragraph 8                                          Identification bibs
Every runner will receive several start number bibs. It needs to be worn and visible at all times on the chest. In the event of bad weather when a run jacket may be worn, you must call out your start number on request when arriving at an aid station or control point, see paragraph 11.

Paragraph 9                          Order of start by runners
The Start on day 1 will be 9 AM for all runners. On all following days there will be two starting groups. The slower group starts at 6.30 AM and the faster & second group at 7 AM. The starting times may change. See Paragr. 7.

IMPORTANT:  The starting times and group order will be posted by the organizer daily for the next day based on the finishing order of that day. As the race progresses it will be decided if and how the starting times and group orders will be followed. The group order will be decided on each evening. Should a runner wish to start in another group as posted by the organization, he/she must make this known right away. Nobody has a RIGHT to start in another group other than posted. On the very last day of competition there most likely will be three starting times/groups.

Paragraph 10                        Target Times of Stages

The km average to be run is at 6, 0 km per hour. This time includes any stop at aid stations & such. As an example: A runner covers a kilometer at an average of 7 minutes and makes a stop of 3 minutes at an aid station; he then effectively needs 10 minutes for this kilometer. Runners that do not meet the set time limits and do not reach the stage finish within the set time limit will be removed from the official scoring within the competition. At a 60-kilometer stage with a 6 AM start he/she needs to be at the finish at 4 PM that afternoon. The organization can allow a time-tolerance for various reasons if a runner has a particular problem one day and it can be expected that he/she will reach the regular time goal again the next day. Another reason could be that at any given day the course has a particularly difficult stretch to cover. Here the organization is free to make changes. However if a runner does not meet the time limit more than once and it is due to exhaustion, the runner needs to discuss this with the race director.        

Paragraph 11                        Control points finish
Every aid station will also be considered a control point. The organizer can add more control points if deemed necessary, articles 7+ 8.

Paragraph 12                                        Stage finish

At the daily finish the organizer will take the time of every runner for this stage. After the last runners have finished such times will be posted for all to see. Any protest regarding times has to be filed within 30 minutes after posting. The protest can also be filed through the personal coach of a runner. After the second stage there will be an account of the accumulated times for each runner.   

Paragraph 13                        Spot for logos of sponsors on clothing
Other than on the organization reserved places on clothing runners can wear logos of personal sponsors (socks, t-shirts & shorts). However, the organization reserves the right to ban certain logos that do not meet certain standards such as: Prohibited organizations; text that may put in question the integrity of the race organization; text that is not in line with standards of common decency. All runners must accept the decision of the organizer regarding the above without question or explanation.

Paragraph 14                                         Course Aid
Depending on traffic situations all aid stations will be located at an interval of between 8 to 12 kilometers, see paragraph 7. The offering of food & beverages may vary and will have to be adjusted according to product availability and circumstances. The organization is committed to providing food and beverages in a manner appropriate for long distance runners. Special or favorite items such as: special health food items & drinks, French fries or similar items can not be provided or expected and must be arranged for by the individual runner at her/his own expense from stores along the course. However runners are not allowed to leave the marked course to shop.

At aid stations the organizer will offer various beverages. Any special items, such as GU or special mixed drinks runners may require or want, need to be provided in advance and carried along by each individual runner on the course. It cannot be guaranteed that the organization can provide ISOTONES (special mixtures) drinks, powders or mixtures at any or all times. Offered food items are in general: Bread, rolls, cookies, seasonal fresh fruits, salty items (pretzels or similar) and similar food & snack items. Aid-station volunteers in general will try to meet the expectation of runners given the availability of certain items. However it will be impossible to meet too specific wishes or items for any individual runner. It may be possible that not all and every aid station will have staff at hand. All food and beverages will be set out and each runner needs to help himself with consideration of other runners’ needs that may be following after them.

Paragraph 15                                        Lodging
Daily accommodation for runners & volunteers/helpers will usually be in gyms or similar places. Should you choose private lodging you are welcome to do so at your own expenses without any reduction of YOUR entry fee. Should you bring a private camper along you are welcome to use this to sleep in, again without any reduction of your entry fee.
Every participant MUST bring a sleeping bag and an air mattress or similar mat Size: not over 80 cm. Featherbeds should not to be used instead of a sleeping bag. Space for luggage is very limited, see paragraph 7. Bring absolutely NO folding beds or similar contraptions as it cannot be transported in our vehicles.
It is absolutely forbidden for anyone to sleep in any organization vehicle. It may be possible on occasion that sleeping will be limited, meaning you have to move closer together. However it is up to you to get your own hotel room at your own expense in such a case.

Paragraph 16                                        Gear and luggage
Each participant is free to bring whatever he/she believes he/she needs but not more than THREE pieces of luggage per person are allowed. HOWEVER the organizer must caution ALL of YOU, the weight limit per person for luggage is 25 kilos due to transport-space limitations. Any overweight (25 kg) will be charged at Euro 1 per kg PER DAY. Example: (3 kilos overweight x Euros 1 x 5 days equals Euros 6.00). At our home page www.schwarzwaldlauf.de  or www.ischulze.de   there are suggestions as of what you can bring. However these are suggestions based on the ultra running experiences of the race organizer. You MUST consider the climate differences.

Paragraph 17                                         Medical coverage
The organizer tries to provide decent medical coverage. A doctor can be consulted at every finish line. IMPORTANT: Creams, ointments, bandages & cool-packs must be brought by the individual runner and cannot be provided by the organizer. The organizer strives towards the goal of providing one full-time first aid person during the entire run. The organizer STRONGLY suggests that each runner brings enough cool-packs, lotions & any such items like bandages. Should it be necessary that the runner needs more of such articles; the 1st aid person may be able to supply a limited amount at the runner’s own expense!

Paragraph 18                                        Climate and street surfaces
In August you can expect some nice & warm days in Germany. You also need to consider possible rainy days or other bad weather along the way. You will run on country roads, byways and even farm roads. There may also be stretches of streets leading through cities. You must choose your running shoes accordingly, be prepared for all surfaces. A pure „competition-shoe” is NOT recommended. We recommend well broken-in shoes, perhaps strong & stable training shoes. You must also consider that after a few days your feet will swell. Therefore it is recommended to bring shoes that are 1-1.5 sizes larger than you normally wear.  The route runs mostly on bike paths and hiking trails through the beautiful Black Forest.

Paragraph 19                        Cleaning of your personal laundry & clothing
Suggestion: You can leave your running clothing on while taking a shower & then just hang it outside or in any empty room to dry. The maintaining of your clothing will be left to the individual based on the established American & Australian system, which has also worked well during all the “TE-FR” and “the “Deutschlandlauf”.

Paragraph 20                                        Phone Calls & Faxes
Users of cell phones need to be aware of the fact that there will be some areas where a connection is not available or the connection will be very poor. Calls to your hometown should be made from a public phone in such a case. The cell phone of the Race Director can only be used in a REAL emergency. Letters and/or packages need to be sent to the afore-issued addresses. These will be given to all participants a few weeks before the start of the event. The organizer is not responsible to forward any mail. Delays can arise at any post office; they usually have a fax available, which you can possibly use to forward any mail that you missed. The organizer cannot get involved in these matters. The organizer will try to make available a way that e-mails can be received by runners from family and friends. The cell-phone connection of the organizer will not be available to conduct interviews or for any personal phone calls. If you do not have a personal cell phone you must use a public phone when available or ask to use a cell phone from a fellow runner.

Paragraph 21                                        Insurance and data-safety
Participation is at your own perils and risk. However, the organization will issue a „general“Liability policy. We strongly recommend all participants to take out their own „Foreign-Travel “insurance. It is further advised to check with your current insurance company to see if you can expect to get medical services in such countries as In Germany it is advised to carry your „health“ or similar insurance cards with you. Every participant is starting the run with the knowledge of any associated potential risks involved. All participants will hold the organization FREE of any liability in case you suffer from any medical conditions, accidents or any other medical maladies or any problems with your general health condition. It is further recommended to ace out a travel risk policy in case you will be prevented to start and/or complete your trip so you can get reimbursed all or part of the cost. Such info will be given to you at a later point. The organizer will be helpful in this matter.
Before the start any runner, stage runner, helper and volunteer will have to sign a document holding the organizer and organization free of ANY liability or any claims arising from the participation of the „Schwarzwaldlauf“ Without the signed document you cannot start or be a part of the event. See paragraph 3. 

Paragraph 22                                         Help via a third party/person
Any help through a third person is strictly forbidden. After the third time of such incident the runner will be disqualified from the race.  Runners & volunteers that are aware of any such help given or received need to advise the receiving runner that this is a violation. The exception will be the accompanying of „guest-runners“ or groups in towns by local runners, which can’t be avoided. See also paragraph 41. A strong violation would also be if a runner accepts a ride in a car and later on resumes the run again. This will result without any further advise or penalty to an immediate disqualification on the spot, see paragraph 31. In such a case, the runner can continue the run the next day out of competition in which case the day before will not be registered in the stat sheet without ANY discussion with the organization. Should such an incident happen for the 2nd time with the same runner, his run is over and he must leave the race. (see paragraph 23)

Paragraph 23                        Dropping out of the race
Runners who do not turn up for a leg of the race or who do not finish it within the set time limit will be disqualified and taken from the race. The will not appear in the daily published list of the results. These runners have two options: They can either prepare their homeward journey or they can continue the race under the further down stated conditions. They will not appear in the official ranking anymore, however their time will be still taken. Conditions: During the days when there is no leg of the race to be run, the participant has to be available thoroughly for the organizing team. There for he has to provide his own support-vehicle or to guarantee his riding with another support-vehicle. If that is not possible, the participant has to set out on his homeward journey instantaneously. The organizing team will assist him in doing so within the realms of its possibility.

Paragraph 24                                        Route markings and directions
All participants must follow set route directions. The route will be marked via chalk arrows, small orange stickers with black direction arrows and posted signs. There will always be police at hand in towns and you are expected to follow any directions by police, paragraph 7. The event is only possible because of the sanction of officials in each country, city, town and village. According to these regulations the organizer at times can or must provide his own a post that however must follow the directions of the „officials“ at all times, paragraph 31. These appointed helpers do not have any authority other than the one given them. Any detour taken by any runner to gain an advantage, will result in an immediate disqualification. Should a runner get lost, an organization vehicle can take him back to the spot he left the course. You cannot get a time-credit for any time lost because of your detour. The organization reserves the right to alter/change the course at any time should this be necessary, paragraph 7. Be advised that any course changes are not open for discussion and are rarely to the advantage of the runner (meaning usually added distance).

Paragraph 25                                                       Hygiene
After a long run it’s natural to shower, however we cannot guarantee that a warm shower will always be available. This usually affects mostly the „back of the pack“ (slower) runners. The organization asks the faster runners to be considerate regarding usage of hot/warm water in regards to later arriving runners. Therefore we request that the washing of clothing will take place later on, after most runners had a chance to shower. See paragraph 19.

Paragraph 26                         Route directions & Participant meetings
Each runner will receive a daily route schedule to carry with him. This will happen every evening when all local facts are clear and have been checked. We also try to have a nightly „runners meeting“ to discuss events of the past and the next day. Runners that because of legitimate reasons cannot be present need to excuse themselves.  They can then ask another runner to give them the discussed information. An extensive route description will also be available at our web site on the Internet. www.schwarzwaldlauf.de or “Face book” “Schwarzwaldlauf” or “Ingo Schulze”
Gesamtstrecke:  https://www.gpsies.com/mapUser.do?username=SWL2017

Changes are possible. You website www.schwarzwaldlauf.de

Paragraph 27                                        Free

Paragraph 28                        Prequalification for an application
In addition see paragraph 4. The submitted date will be treated confidentially by the organizer. We also recommend a visit to the dentist. Participation in the race is at your own risk. An accident insurance is strongly recommended. The organization is in no position to check the health status of every individual.

Applications & other information
Ingo Schulze     Hauptstrasse 52  D-72160  Horb - Nordstetten

Phone: +49 (0) 7451 / 46 15  Cell: +49 (0) 171 / 42 51 435 OR +49 (0) 0162 / 75 70 160  E-mail: ultralauf@ischulze.de

Paragraph 29                        Certificates *& other contributions by the organization

  • Certificates for 1st FIFE man and FIFE women overall
  • Trophy for all „official finishers”
  • special memento for all runners & volunteers at the finish
  • Finisher T-shirts
  • Morning & evening meals, accomodation and aid station supplies
  • winner's certificate

Paragraph 30                        Cancellation of application & last date to apply

Applications will be accepted until July 31st 2018
Should an accepted applicant wish to cancel due to legitimate reasons we will reimburse him/her as follows: 

Cancellation by

April 30th 2018

Reimbursement of 60 %

Cancellation by

Mai 31st 2018

Reimbursement of 50 %

Cancellation by

June 30th 2018

Reimbursement of 40 %

Cancellation by

July  31st 2018

Reimbursement of  30 %

Cancellation after

August  31st 2018

No reimbursement possible

The prepaid amount of 150 will be reimbursed up to the last date to apply, Mai 31th 2018. After that date there will be NO reimbursement of the full amount.

Paragraph 31        Starting fee / how to send payment

The starting fee will be 460 €. With the application you must pay 150 Euros into the below named bank account. The remaining balance must be paid into the same account not later than July 31st. 2018. Should any runner have the intention from the beginning only to run certain stages of the race the fee will be 70 Euros per day which includes: lodging, breakfast, first aid station, food & beverages & dinner. How to get to the event or from the event back home is the responsibility of the individual. If you plan to run at least 3 stages the total/full amount of the entire starting fee has to be paid.


Please pay any advance payment or application fee into the following bank account

Name of the Banc:                              Kreissparkasse FDS
Street:                                   Dammstraße 1
Town:                                   72160 Horb am Neckar 
Password:                            „Schwarzwaldlauf“  
IBAN -Code:                         DE92 6425 1060 0013 4064 26         
Swift-BIC                              SOLA DES1FDS
Taxation-Nr.:                        42321 / 23 205

Paragraph 32                                        Volunteers & Crew-Vehicles

Personal coaches who are not available to the organization will be required to pay the full amount of 300 € or every day 60 €. This will include breakfast, dinner, lodging in basic accommodations, for your meals during the day the organization is NOT responsible (no aid station food & drinks will be available to you in that case). Should a personal coach make his/her service & his/her vehicle available to the organization no fee will be charged and food & lodging will be provided free of charge by the organization. If this will be the case, you need to notify the organizer as soon as possible so he can plan the use of your services and vehicle. Personal supporters without a vehicle but who make their daily service available to the organization need to pay the daily amount of 30 € or a total of 150 €, see paragraph 2 & 44.

Paragraph 33                                        Additional fee (deposit)
The participant can VOLUNTARILY pay a deposit. This deposit is for the following purpose: Should a runner quit during the event and has not enough money for the return ticket home this deposit will be available for that. All deposits will be returned to each runner not later than at the finish.

Article 34                                              Disqualifications
Disqualification follows if any individual/s behave in the following manner:  Insults or fights with any individual runner, coach or volunteer or group of same, any acts that puts the organization in a bad light. Major unauthorized detours from the established route. Accepting a ride in a car during the race. Ignoring or not abiding by the directions of race officials, police or any local authorities, paragraph 22 and 24.

Paragraphe  35                      Identifications / Passport matters
It is the responsibility of all runners, helpers & volunteers that they bring their personal identity card with them and as well have passport, which is valid until the race is over. All runners are REQUIRED to wear their start number bit at all times during the entire race. If you have a driver license you should carry it with you as well so in case you quit the race you can drive a crew vehicle.

Paragraph 36                        General environment & aid station cleanliness
The organization intends to keep the environment as clean as possible. If someone does not have its cup, a hard plastic cup is available from the supporters. This is rinsed afterwards locally for the next runner. If you wish to leave or discard any item/s during the race, please do so only at an aid station and not along the course. To avoid the accumulation of too much waste, all runners, crew or volunteers must bring their own utensils including reusable plates & cups. At each daily finish line we will provide beverage/s in large containers where you should use your own cup. There are basically provided NO disposable cups!

Paragraph 37                        Free

Paragraph 38                        Time measurement and list of results
This will be listed in hours, minutes & seconds. As of day two accumulative times will be posted daily. A complete finisher list with exact times will be send to all runners automatically within eight weeks of the finish of the race. During the event NO finishers list will be made available to runners except the posted one each evening at the finish of that day’s stage. Please do not ask the race director, as he will post the list as soon as possible each day.

Paragraph 39                        Issuance of information to all participants
You will receive such information in English and in German as well as on the website at www.schwarzwaldlauf.de
Translation from the German original text. In case of doubt the German text prevails

Paragraph 40                        Reaching the organization DURING the race.
On the starting bib will be printed the cell/mobile phone number of the organizer as: Ingo Schulze +49 (0) 171 / 42 51 435 OR +49 (0) 162 / 75 70 160 This is important for runners as well as volunteers that may have gotten lost and need help. All participants should carry on their body an amount of at least 5 € while running or volunteering. This is in the best interest of runners and volunteers and will not be checked by the organizer.

Paragraph 41                                        Aid stations and staff
Runners without personal helpers should stop here and help themselves. Personal helpers may supply their runners at these unmanned aid stations as well. A continues/constant service to runners by personal coaches/supporters is not allowed or possible except at aid stations. Accompanying any runner via bicycle, vehicle or helper/s is not allowed. After any third such incident is seen or reported, this runner will be disqualified from the race, paragraph 22.    

Paragraph 42                                         Stage Runners
We also allow stage runners during the „Schwarzwaldlauf“. The fee for each stage of 70 € can be paid directly to the organizer before the start of each stage. Stage runners will not be listed in the daily time/result list. They will receive a certificate stating the run distance per stage. The reason for this is not to create a second tier of completion within the race and not to interrupt the fluency and rhythm of the regular race and runners. All stage runners, regardless of speed, will start in the second daily group. Exceptions can only be granted by the organization. The certificate for stage runners must be requested by same and will not be sending automatically. 

Paragraph   43     Responsibility for private crew vehicles
The bringing of private cars and live-in trailers or RV will be at your own risk and responsibility. 

  • Should such a vehicle become disabled you can only expect limited help from the organization.
  • Any temporary and potential lasting damages cannot be the responsibility of the organizer.
  • The vehicle owners must take care of any problems, damage/s or other disabilidating situation on their own.

Paragraph 44                                         Vehicles
Drivers who have no runner on the course will get a serious amount of reimbursement for their vehicle cost. Drivers who have runners in the race and make their vehicle available to the organization (such as to supply aid stations) will get free meals and lodging during the race, paragraph 33.  A list of what items the driver needs to carry in their vehicle will be issued to you in a timely manner.  The list will only be a recommendation. The drivers of such vehicles (runners) will be under the command of the organization as helpers to be assigned, as the situation requires. These helpers can aid their runner only at designated aid stations. Should an extreme weather condition warrant a change, the organization would advise helpers & volunteers accordingly.    

Paragraph   45                      Presswork
You should not be surprised, if during the race you may see representatives of the press at any given time. For this reason it is important that the organization has enough personal information available of each runner in the race to provide to the press. Therefore the organization requests that all participants send any original published materials of the race to Ingo Schulze.
Participants and supporters are committed not to cast doubt in public on the race, the advertising partners, sponsors and their products. Criticism on weather, traffic, polluted air in city centre’s etc. is uninfluenced from this. Participants and supporters should be available for the media. This shall be kept within reasonable bounds. Participants and supporters, who don’t want to get in contact with media for any personal reason, must tell that in advance.

Paragraph 46                        Last date to apply
Last date we can accept an application will be Mai 31th. 2018. Any application that arrives after this date must be discussed with Ingo Schulze and upon verbal acceptance must be followed by the immediate & full payment of the starting fee Euro 500.  An additional Euro 40 will be due as a late fee. 

Paragraph 47                         Cancellation of the event

The event can be canceled in case of a natural disaster such as: Flooding, devastating fires, earthquakes. A death of a runner or supervisor or similar. In such an event all participants will be asked for ending the race if the authorities have not already stopped the event.  In case of a cancellation you can expect the following refund of your start fee: From the base amount of Euro 460 we will keep a minimum of Euro 160. The remaining amount of Euro 300 will be divided by 5 days, resulting in a one-day fee of Euro 60. For each day the event is cut short you will receive Euro 60 as a refund.
Example: The event will be canceled after the 3rd day; each entrant will receive 3/5 refund, which will equal Euro 60 x 3 days equaling Euros 180.
Paragraph 48                         Runners forum
Days into the race we will establish a „runner forum“. The elected runners in this forum will help the organization solve any serious problems that may develop and could negatively affect the entire race. For example such an issue could be the disqualification of a runner and similar serious issues. The runner forum will be comprised of FIVE persons, see example:
At least one female and two male runners
One person each from the volunteers and the organizer Ingo Schulze. Any decisions by this runner forum will be valid.
If the problem involves any person being part of this forum, he/she will not be part of the decision process.

Paragraph 49                        Doping
The „Schwarzwaldlauf“ as a sports event is not organized via a national or international federation. Nevertheless the organizer of the „Schwarzwaldlauf“ insists on the fact that each participant adheres to the internationally valid Anti-Doping rules. For this an accordingly prepared undertaking is to be submitted to the organizer with the final delivery of the registration of the „Schwarzwaldlauf“ by each participant. During the competition each determined offence against the rule stated above, is punished with the immediate disqualification. The participant has to leave immediately.

Paragraph 50                        Animals
IMPORTANT: Carriage or monitoring of animals by participants AND caregivers of any kind is NOT allowed and will be accepted under any circumstances!


To refresh your memory regarding all paid dues to the organization

Starting fee

460 €


Starting fee for stage runners

per stage  70 €

Up to 3. days

Late entry fee

40 €

from Mai 01st 2018 on

Fee for personal helpers without a vehicle

per day 30 €

150 € for 6 days

Fee for personal helpers that will not be available to the organization

per day  60 €

300 € for 6 days

Fee for personal vehicles that are available to the organization

00 €


Return of deposit with timely application

70 €

before June 01th 2018

Deposit   voluntarily

150 €

Time of application

Please note: these notes are a translation and are for your guidance only. If you are unclear you should refer to the original German document.                                                  
7216 Horb (Germany), 17.November 2018, Race director Ingo Schulze

„Schwarzwaldlauf“                                                            USt-ID: DE 144249921Kreissparkasse Freudenstadt                                                        

Hauptstraße 52                                                                     Taxation-Nr.: 42321 / 23 205               
72160 Horb am Neckar                                                         IBAN: DE33 6425 1060 0013 2192 11
OT Nordstetten                                                                     SWIFT-BIC: SOLADES1FDS


        Sponsoren und Unterstützer